Welcome to Reality, Welcome to the Congregation of Realists,

We believe that knowledge of the world is derived by observation, experimentation, and rational analysis.

We believe that ethical values are derived from human need and interest as tested by experience.

We aim to offer community support and moral and ethical guidance based upon empiricism and ethical naturalism.

We aim to redress the unjustified privileges enjoyed by religious beliefs that are based upon blind faith, by elevating the value afforded to beliefs that are based upon rational examination of reality.

We aim to promote the use of critical thinking.

A little bit about the Church of Reality

This site owes a debt of gratitude to Marc Perkel's Church of Reality Marc's inspirational idea was that secular thought deserves the same legal privilege as religious thought. That the deficiencies of faith based religions founding their beliefs and proclamations on unsubstantiated and often un-falsifiable supernatural claims did not detract from the desirability of a community focus capable of offering moral and ethical guidance. This guidance can be logically derived from humanist principles rather than an appeal to divine authority. So Marc set up the Church of Reality as a potential replacement for traditional Churches. The Church of Reality was to be free from supernatural claims and as such a "doubt based religion" rather than a "faith based religion"

It was also supposed to be an "Open Source Religion". That is to say, a collaborative project from which derived projects may be generated. Certain people were excited by the idea of the Church of Reality and willing to contribute, however for various reasons became dissatisfied with the progress being made under Marc's leadership.

The formation of the Congregation of Realists

Matthew Hardy, who contributed to the Church of Reality's discussion forum as Ocelot is one of those potential contributors to the Church of Reality who feels that progress with Marc's Church has stalled. As such he has set up the Congregation of Realists as a fork in the development of this project. He hopes that others who have felt similar frustrations will join him here to contribute to a new organisation with more transparent management.

Comming Soon

This is just a holding page. We hope that this site will soon contain a detailed doctrine discussed and regularly evolved through open discussions on a related discussion forum.